Building a sailing catamaran

Catamaran Building

Undercoat Painting

Are you a browser or are you thinking of building a Cat? If so, where do you start? How have others met their dreams? Searching the Internet will reveal many projects that have been achieved by boat-persons with very limited financial resources. We witnessed a beautiful 12-meter catamaran build completed by a person who had little schooling, in fact, could not read.

DIY projects such as this are certainly achievable as long as you are patient and understand that there is no quick way to complete 3500-hours of work.

We continue to search for that elusive 'money-tree' and until that comes to fruition, the boatbuilding budget , or lack-there-of, remains be the biggest hurdle. Once the catamaran building is complete, there is continual proactive sailboat maintenance that has to be completed to keep your multihull in good order.

Having searched many Internet pages, we were unable to locate boatbuilding budgets anywhere, why?

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Plywood and Epoxy

Bow Locker Build

This 'glass-over-ply' sailboat is proof that a DIY'er can successfully build an ocean going multihull. Plywood construction is the cheapest building method available and very forgiving while one hones their skills. Finishing with a solid fiberglass outer is also a task made easier, given the amount of glassing and gluing needed during such a project.

It will soon become evident that parting with a few dollars provides a strong foundation for your catamaran building decisions. Having reliable sailboat resources, or at least 3-4 good books, WILL HELP fast track your decisions prior to, during and post building.

We also wanted a light sailing catamaran that we could beach with ease. This now allows us to save money on one of the biggest maintenance DIY chores, sailboat antifouling without having the costly expense of slipway fees.

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Catamaran Designs

Various Designers

It can be very daunting and extremely time consuming. How do you best invest your meagre finances and what catches dictate some key decisions?

Understanding exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve, rather than the idea of the biggest and cheapest, only comes through extensive research. We short-listed some Catamaran Designers that met the key criteria in choosing and eventually building a cruising catamaran on a budget.

Being armed with key information and a clear idea only comes through research and jotting down points. But what are these points? We provide some direction on this website and hope it comes in handy.

There is a point with catamarans too (or any yacht for that matter), after which yacht size becomes very expensive to maintain. We found this to be 12 - 13 meters in length and discuss ...

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"Building a catamaran is achievable. It takes a strong desire and a will to achieve"

Catamaran Sailing

Waeco rewiring

DIY boat projects on Pure Majek from new navigation equipment, anchoring systems, rewiring yacht electronics diagrams, AIS and much more. We carry updates and rate products such as antifoul, solar fans and even galley items.

Its been five great years since launch and we look at things that have worked and those we would change. Join us and be inspired.

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