Building a sailing catamaran

This site is presented by James and Mary-Ann (plus two kids) and is a collection of Short Stories and Notes presented in a light-hearted manner to encourage you with your own exciting journey.

When the 'chips are down', jump in and view some of the sailing experiences, it will help.

We have shed light and support to those who believe they have the power, but may lack in the 'will' department through inexperience, it must be said however that being timber savvy is a strong advantage.

While many of our challenges have been conquered, we share some of these experiences with others providing our little bit to the puzzle of building a large Catamaran.

We acknowledge and sincerely thank Peter and Anne Snell, who to this day continue to provide extremely helpful ideas and tid-bits with all our sailing fun. Your design has proved to be fun to build, easy to handle single-handed and provides days of enjoyment for our whole family.

The light-weight nature of this EASY has certainly paid dividends for the type of cruising we do, allowing us to arrive and set anchor before many of our friends in heavier vessels.

We would encourage others considering a similar build to go and meet our Designer who lives north of Brisbane (exactly the way we did), have a chat and you never know, you may be drawn into the family of EASY's and enjoy what others only dream.

We held fulltime employment during the build and only spent days-off building our Catamaran.

We really enjoy feedback (especially the good stuff) and while the response may be short and sweet, we will always try and respond, so drop us an email if you have any questions or queries.

We hope you enjoy the Website and would be very grateful if you could tell others.

Thank you

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