Building a sailing catamaran

Picking a Catamaran Designer

Before we start, if you are influenced to choose a design because of what you have seen here, please let the Designer know that you found it here. This really helps us and the Designer and would be greatly appreciated.

There are many catamaran designers with quality designs, all have there own particular attributes. Its the sifting through these yacht design attributes and the 'spin' that each designer throws on there yacht plans, that takes the time. Some designs even look very similar...Mmmm.

These are a few Designers that we canvassed that allowed for amateur sailing catamaran building, a majority of this list are from south of the equator. We tried to choose someone closer to home providing 'easy-access-to-help' when needed:

"Is it performance or cruising that you are after? Normally, you can't have both"

Just sniffing around?

Whichever designer you choose, you will have a blast. Don't be fooled, there is some hard work ahead. If you think that you have the gift to cut down on the required building hours, you are in for a surprise. Some hours will be enjoyable, some will be full of frustration and many hours will be slow.

  • Never loose sight of your goal,
  • Keep a positive attitude, and
  • The world could be your oyster (in more ways than one).

Catamaran builders are a special breed who know their vessel inside out and always have a yarn to share. They all brag their various traits, but at the end of the day are all family belonging to an unusual club, the Amatuaer Boatbuilding Club. We hope you can join us and look forward to meeting you on the water.