building a catamaran

A collection of sailing catamaran building logs, from sailboat plans to yacht launch. This 11.6m 'EASY Series' catamaran, joining other catamarans to lat and longs unknown...join us on our journey

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how to build a boat.

"It takes a strong desire and a will to achieve. Building a large catamaran is achievable"

J Coomer



Our build in 3-minutes

Launch Day


Many sailboat plans to choose from.

Is it cheaper to build or buy?

There are many yacht plans to choose from, but dont kid yourself. Many have tried to do it on the cheap and their result shows.

If there was a cheaper way, the sailboat designers would tell you. Afterall, they would use that reason to sell there plans!

If you want a yacht with all 'bells and whistles', keep working because it does cost money.

Enough waffle, jump into the website and have fun


Catamaran Sailing

DIY boat projects on Pure Majek from new navigation equipment, anchoring systems, rewiring yacht electronics diagrams, AIS and much more. We carry updates and rate products such as antifoul, solar fans and even galley items.

Its been ten great years since launch and we look at things that have worked and those we would change.

Join us and be inspired.

Welcome to sailboat planning and building.

Setting achievable goals and how to stick to them. From the planning process, what and why we did many things, importantly, things we would do differently. The following pages draw on these experiences described in far more detail in our book 'A Sailing Catamaran Building Adventure'