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Building a sailing catamaran

A collection of sailing catamaran building logs, from choosing sailboat plans to yacht launch...join us on our journey


This 'glass-over-ply' sailboat is proof that a DIY'er can successfully build an ocean-going multihull cost effectivly.


Having reliable Boatbuilding Resource Books, WILL HELP fast track your decisions prior to, during and post building.


We also wanted a light sailing catamaran that we could beach with ease. This now allows us to save money on one of the biggest maintenance DIY chores, sailboat antifouling without having the costly expense of slipway fees.

Where do I start?

Plywood and Epoxy Catamaran Why both? 

pure majek catamaran


Plywood construction is the cheapest building method available and very forgiving while one hones their skills.


Finishing with a solid fiberglass outer is also a task made easier, given the amount of glassing and gluing needed during such a project. Doesn't make sense? Read more...


Talk to the sailboat designers, get to know their design types. Get on Forums and ask the 'dumb' questions. Go to marinas (not boat shows) and look for home-build yachts.

how to build a boat

"It takes a strong desire and a will to achieve. Building a large catamaran is certainly achievable".

"If you want a yacht with all 'bells and whistles', keep working because it costs money...a lot of money".

J Coomer

boat plans

many sailboat plans to choose from!

Is it cheaper to build or buy?
There are many yacht plans to choose from, but dont kid yourself. Many have tried to do it on the cheap and their result shows.

If there was a cheaper way, the sailboat designers would tell you. Afterall, they would use that reason to sell there plans!

cruising catamaran

catamaran sailing

DIY boat projects on Pure Majek from new navigation equipment, anchoring systems, rewiring yacht electronics diagrams, AIS and much more. 

Its been ten great years since launch and we look at things that have worked and those we would change.

Join us and be inspired.

catamaran sailing

goal setting, planning and building

Setting achievable goals and how to stick to them. From the planning process, what and why we did many things, importantly, things we would do differently.

The following pages draw on these experiences described in far more detail in our book 'A Sailing Catamaran Building Adventure'

a sailing catamaran building adventure


‘Green power’ is climbing up the priority ladder to such an extent nowadays that some predictions of fossil fuel costs (scorned at a few years ago), are coming home to roost.


two-pack painting

There are a few tricks here to with respiration, thinning of the topcoat, temperature and coat thickness.

All achievable by setting goals and being disciplined.

painting pure majek

Building catamaran
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Catamaran Hulls

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catamaran hulls

Catamaran Fitout

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diycatamaran fitout

Catamaran Internal Painting

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two pack marine

Bridgedeck & Turret

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sailing catamaran

External Painting

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two pack marine

Final Fitout

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sailboat internal fitout

Antifoul & Decktred

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Fitout, ready for launch

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Launch Day

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