"Think smart, not hard"

Read into this

If they talk down other similar Designers 

  • Ask yourself why?

  • Another thing to remember is that this industry is very small, most of the designers are friends.

  • All plans are numbered and its easy to pick various 'designer styles' once on the water. So, if you choose a 'hot' (stolen) plans, be wise to the fact that it will be found out. Word spreads fast, then shipyards start asking questions and the vessel becomes very hard to sell. 

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If they have everything in CAD drawings...

  • Thats all nice, but is that what you want?

  • Unless it's a 1/2 million dollar yacht and you have the budget to suit, you may be able to save money here.

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"It's faster and better than..."
"Theirs is pitchy", or 
"I have been told that..." 

  • Unless you are after 'performance' and not 'cruising', this could also present savings for the more budget conscious.

  • Try and see through the sales pitch.

  • Possible excuses, as we found out when searching for ours.

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Designers are selling a product 

  • You need to see through the 'bells and whistles' like air conditioning, carbon fibre, even foils.

  • 'Bells and whistles' cost money and extra build time.

  • Time-wise, building any design is only half the job, the fitout often takes longer.


EASY Catamarans

pure majek

We were heavily influenced by Peter and Anne SNELL (Retired). Peter is the designer of the EASY series of catamarans. Their knowledge and bias toward the amateur catamaran builder were key in our decision making process.

His plans are simple, yet leave room-to-move in ideas as long as one complies with his 'structural documentation'.

Peter has since retired. We are told he can be contacted through a Facebook Easy Catamaran private group.

Other Catamaran Designers we considered...

Farrier Marine Designs by Ian Farrier - Cats and Tris
Mark Pescott Multihulls Down-under bloke now in Asia
Grainger Designs Tony is a master Australian performance Catamaran Designer (all time wish-list, not within our budget though)
Bob Oram Design (Retired) Stylish composite type Catamaran Designer
Roger Hill Designs New Zealand Power and Sail (stunning performance designer)
Ron Given Design Designs by Ron Given
Liggard Designs Garry Liggard - Mono and Catamaran
Kelsall Catamarans Designs from Derek Kelsell
Wharram Designs Designs proved around the world by James Wharram
Mike Waller Yacht Design Another from Down-under, popular with New Zealand Builders
Kurt Hughes Designs Designs from our US friends
Jarcat Marine The best trailer-able Catamaran
Schionning Designs Beautiful Australian designed performance Catamarans
Lizard Yachts Peter Kerr Aluminium Catamarans
Crowther Design Another well proven Cat
Spirited Designs Craig Schionning designs
WOODS Designs Designs by Richard Woods

picking a designer

pure majek diycatamaran

There are many catamaran designers with quality designs, all have there own particular attributes. It's the sifting through these yacht design attributes and the 'spin' that each designer throws on their yacht plans, that takes the time.

Some designs even look very similar...mmm.

These are a few Designers that we canvassed that allowed for amateur sailing catamaran building, a majority of this list are from south of the equator. We tried to choose someone close to home providing 'easy-access-to-help', worth consideration.

If you are influenced by us to choose a design listed here, please let the Designer know where you found it. This really helps us and Designers alike.

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