Stippled finish, what's that?

Another challenge was the compatibility of paints (specifically the stippled paint, which we used on the under side and bow areas) and the two-pack final coat.

We needed the deck walking surface to resemble a reasonably smooth textured feel as opposed to the coarse sandpaper feel. This surface too had to be very easily washable with no small pin holes. The small holes would prove prefect breeding ground for algae.

While additives to paints were an option, none of the local hardware paint manufacturers provided a suitable textured easily washable finish (that we liked) with the exception of one manufacturer, which also happened to be compatible with our Wattyl two-pack top coat, if needed.

It is the same paint used in the car industry for the undersides of the wheel wells that prevents chipping and rust.

It too has a dampening effect with regard noise and best of all, is compatible with 2-pack paint. We trialled three brands and the best textured came from K & R products. We have been told they no longer produce this particular product.

This has presented so well that we have now used this on the saloon ceiling as well as those internal patches where the finish was a little so so … (if you know what we mean).

tredgrip non slip

Taping the main walking areas before applying the 5-layers of Tredgrip. Note: the topcoat has already been applied, blowing into the area to be painted with Tredgrip. The result was clean, clear lines with no over-runs.

tredgrip non slip

The finished product using Tredgrip on the turret rooftop.

tredgrip non slip

Foredeck completed using Tredgrip.

tredgrip non slip

Tredgrip complete with trim and deck 'bling'.

tredgrip non slip

Bling added to the upper bridgedeck, works well with the cream Tredgrip.

stippled finish

Stippled paint applied during the undercoating stage. The paint was suitable for use with two-pack topcoat, sprayed later.

stippled finish

Stippled finish right up the bow locker front. The orange pipe was glassed in and later used for fastening the nets too. The topcoat would eventually cover the orange colour.

stippled finish

The lower bridgedeck was all done in a stippled finish, then top coated.

Tredgrip© - Non-skid water-based paint

Sailboat non-skid paint is a must as far as we are concerned.

The catamaran external deck areas were lightly prepared with 120 grit paper and the Tredgrip laid in 5 coats. The first coat was very watery and the they slowly increased in texture thickness to the last coat, complying with manufacturer instructions.

This brand has proved very successful, with adhesion being brilliant over the last four years. (As a follow-up, it has lasted 10-years and has just been repainted).

The rubber compound additionally provides thermal qualities internally, reducing rain noise and improving temperature ranges. We discuss these and more information in our Boatbuilding Books.

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